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Introducing Northwest Beard Supply

Introducing Northwest Beard Supply

Hello! My name is Greg Becker of Portland, Oregon. I’m a UX / Product designer by trade, mostly doing work at companies like Nike,, Intel, and a handful of creative agencies. My wife Megan, is a professional nanny and loves to work with children.

On November 15, we started an online beard and men’s grooming company called Northwest Beard Supply LLC, consisting of a small (for now) product line, making up three different beard oils:


  • Skyline (medium-bodied fresh twist of sage + vanilla)

  • Columbia (fresh citrus medley)

  • Bainbridge (Heavier notes of pine + Texas cedarwood)


It all started in mid 2015 when my father-in-law and I were perusing through a New Seasons store just outside of Portland. He had been growing his beard out for a few months, and had been experimenting with beard oil; something I had never tried, or given much thought to. We bought a couple bottles from Portland Beard Company, and went on our merry way. It’s odd, but that day sparked a new idea that has sparked into a brand new company / startup.

From the beginning, my wife and I wanted to create something different; a business model that could focus on three major things:

  • All-natural (non-fragrance) beard oils that smell like various parts of the great Northwest.
  • Sleek, modern, and minimal brand design (something most companies in this niche do terribly and is probably why I saw an opportunity).
  • 10% of all our profits go to charities for homelessness and human trafficking / sex slavery. We consider this a major differentiator to our competition in the beard-care industry.


My name is Greg Becker, Co-founder / Owner of Northwest Beard Supply. We craft premium beard essentials that give back to people in need. Please get in touch with us, start a conversation, and click the little heart icon / share if you enjoyed this blog post.


We’ll be covering a lot of different issues pertaining to hair health, how-to’s, tips, perspectives from a woman, and all things beard that interest us. Stay tuned!

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