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Beard the Difference You Want To See

Beard the Difference You Want To See

Dudes, let’s face it, we as men like the attention of beard-praise. The compliments of friends and family leave us feeling good about ourselves, our testosterone level, and give us a heathy boost of pride. However, while a well-groomed beard adds a great accessory to a man’s appearance, we’re starting to see a deeper shift in thought within the industry. One that I’m excited for. While this might seem a bit odd, it seems more and more companies are creating more than just a marketing buzz amongst their peers. They’re taking challenging ideas and necessary issues to the digital landscape. From the get-go, my wife Megan and I wanted to create a business model centered around the idea of giving 10% of all our profits to anti-sex slavery / human trafficking and homelessness initiatives.

Sex Sells (and kills)

Sexual exploitation is rampant in Portland (and all across the world), where strip clubs, massage parlors, and adult shops are a dime a dozen. They’re everywhere, hence demand creates supply, and people make a living off hurting and breaking the lives of women and children. In a category where men think that being a man is all based on giant beards, craft beer, and big boobs…we strive to be the antithesis; the odd one out. We want to shine a light on this issue, crafting a business where investing in well-designed men’s products can help support the protection of women / children. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that??

It’s pretty cool to realize that people like to talk, touch, and explore a good looking beard. Instead of glorifying the man-mane (which isn’t all that bad either), why not try and use it as an opportunity to tell people about a cause; to use it as a talking point, pushing people to explore something real.

Bearding for a cause

Just looking around at what people are doing, how businesses are poising themselves, and changing towards initiatives that matter is a very inspirational thing. In a growing industry likes ours, this is something we bearded men should take up and lead by example; to serve others and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.


A beard doesn’t make you a man; consistent character, and the act of serving others before yourself does.


Growing a beard for the opportunity to talk about how to get involved in fighting sex-slavery takes balls, and it’s an idea we at Northwest believe in for men. Simply having a beard doesn’t make you a man; consistent character, and the act of serving others before yourself does. That’s something we as men have to challenge each other with, and continually grow within ourselves, because it doesn’t come naturally.

So, why do you beard?


My name is Greg Becker, Co-founder / Owner of Northwest Beard Supply. We craft premium beard essentials that give back to people in need. Please get in touch with us, start a conversation, and click the little heart icon / share if you enjoyed this blog post.


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