3 Basic Principles on Beard Maintenance

3 Basic Principles on Beard Maintenance

Growing a beard isn’t all that difficult, but after attaining the length you want, it can be stressful when it comes to up-keep. Here are a few tips for keeping the man-mane under control and looking epic…

1. Don’t use shampoo on your face

Seriously guys, this is a big no-no! Your head and facial hair are different types of skin. This means, where shampoo with chemicals and all kinds of other smell-goody crap (you should be careful with what you use) might not be that bad for your head hair, the same isn’t always true for your face.

Facial skin is a bit more sensitive. Using shampoo on your beard will probably leave you feeling like you just blow-dried your beard…hot, dried out, rendering split-ends. This can also leave you feeling like your face is tight, dried out, and can even crack! 
Instead of grabbing the Old Spice bottle, use a natural beard wash that will hydrate the skin / orgin of where you beard grows from. Apply every other day while you shower, or even every day as this will help soften, and make your beard smell amazing! We personally love using Kalamazoo by LUSH. However, if I may plug, look forward to Northwest B/S putting one out next year (2017)! Regardless, beard wash is essential for keeping your face smelling good, and softening up that wirey sucker.

2. Wear a natural beard oil

A solid, all-natural beard oil full of rich vitamins and minerals is essential for your facial skin, as well as your beard. Pick up one of ours, from another company you love, or just make it yourself!

A good beard oil will be nutrient-dense, without filler chemicals or fragrance. The less ingredients, the better. Look for an oil that focuses on well-known carrier oils, scented with essential oils. The cheaper you go, the more likely the oil will be stocked full of ingredients that can actually harm your beard.

Most beard oils come in a one ounce bottle, and depending on the length of your beard, will probably last you a few months. While it may seem a bit pricey, it’s well worth it. Again, if you don’t care for this route, experiment with making your own.

3. Find a badass local barber

Finally, find a genuine barbershop in your local area. I’m not talking about a corporate chain, but a local shop started by locals. These are becoming more popular these days, and they’re known for being a rad place for a guy to go get a beard trim / haircut, be handed a beer or whiskey, and catch the game. while chumming it up with your new tattooed buddy. It’s all about the culture. It’s all about atmosphere. It’s all about giving you the experience your beard desires…

While this isn’t an extensive or exhaustive list, this is more our take on the basics. Keep it clean. Wear natural beard oil / products. Find an awesome barber. Start there for now, and check back for more content soon!

If you would like to learn more about beard oil, check out our beard oil overview here, and subscribe to our channel. Until next time…

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